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SpaceGels™ are reusable heat packs that provide warmth at a moment’s notice. They are activated by flexing a small metal disc within the pouch. Once activated, SpaceGels™ reach a maximum heat of 130 degrees Fahrenheit and stay warm for about 40 minutes (or more, if they are insulated to retain heat with a SpaceDrape™ or other material). SpaceGels™ can be autoclaved or boiled to return to their non-active state, and then reused a number of times. Activation does not require batteries or electricity, so they are easily stored and are perfect for use in an emergency situation, in addition to being great for everyday use. SpaceGels™ decrease recovery time and improve recovery prospect for animals that are under anesthesia by improving heat retention. They can be placed under stainless steel platforms to form a warm surgical surface impervious to puncture, placed under a cage to encourage animal recovery or nursing in reluctant dams, used to warm IV fluids, or placed near arteries of large animals to prevent heat loss. In addition, they cannot be accidentally left on like a heating table.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I safely use SpaceGels™ to warm animals?
  • SpaceGels™ can reach a maximum temperature of 130 degrees Fahrenheit, so care should be used when placing them in contact with animals. Do not place SpaceGelsTM in direct contact with small animals; we advise the use of an insulating layer such as a drape, blanket or other device. As with any warming device, we suggest monitoring to ensure animals do not overheat.
Can I sterilize SpaceGels™?
  • Currently, SpaceGels™ have been tested in autoclaves on a low setting (this also recharges the heat packs). They can also be boiled. Other methods of sterilization are currently being tested.
Should I use SpaceGels™ with other heat production/retention devices?
  • SpaceGelsTM provide effective heat retention on their own, but using them in conjunction with other heat production/retention devices, such as SpaceDrapes™ surgical drape, can further improve the effect.
Can I see SpaceGels™ in use? Can I reuse SpaceGels™?
  • SpaceGels™ can be recharged several times by boiling or placing in an autoclave.
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