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SpaceDrapes™ are a patent-pending product that provide heat-retention capabilities while doubling as surgical drapes. They decrease recovery time and improve recovery prospect for animals that are under anesthesia by reducing radiant heat loss. They can be fenestrated and used like standard drapes. They come pre-packaged and pre-sterilized, as well as in rolls that can be sterilized by the user.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can SpaceDrapes™ be sterilized?
  • Currently, SpaceDrapes have been tested with ETO (ethylene oxide) sterilization. They are available in non-sterile rolls, or in packages that have already been ETO sterilized. SpaceDrapes™ cannot be autoclaved. Other methods of sterilization are currently being tested.
Should SpaceDrapes™ be used with other heat production/retention devices?
  • SpaceDrapes™ provide effective heat retention on their own, but using them in conjunction with other heat production/retention devices, such as heating blankets, heating tables, or SpaceGels™ heating pads can further improve the effect.
Have SpaceDrapes™ been tested for effectiveness?
  • Preliminary tests have shown that SpaceDrapes™ do provide a measurable reduction of heat loss when used on animals under anesthesia, but no studies have been published yet with this information. Because every product works differently in different environments, we suggest users purchase and test SpaceDrapes™ to see if this product will work for them.
Can I see SpaceDrapes™ in use?
  • We will soon include a section on our website that demonstrates several possible uses for SpaceDrapes™.
Can I reuse SpaceDrapes™?
  • SpaceDrapes™ can be used in a similar fashion to standard surgical drapes. In cases that you reuse a standard surgical drape, you can reuse a SpaceDrapes™ (see above for information on sterilization).
Size, Price and Ordering Information for SpaceDrapes™See SpaceDrapes™ in action! (coming soon)

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